Articles XRD shredder garbage main component

XRD shredder garbage main component

June 27, 2020     Articles

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In Europe, the United States and Japan, commonly used for solid waste pretreatment. This type of crusher is a shear type crusher, which is divided into single shaft, double shaft, and four shaft. Its structure includes the following parts. Which parts make up the structure:
1. Crusher main body
The main body of the equipment is welded with Q235 steel plate to eliminate stress treatment/overall machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under long-term heavy load.
2. Motor blades/Stator blades
The Motor blades material is made of special special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology. The overall toughness and hardness can be repaired repeatedly to ensure cutting performance and service life. The fixed knife adopts the patent hook type installation, which optimizes the tool replacement function and makes the tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.
3. Bearing/Seal
The bearing seat adopts a patented split type, which can quickly remove the moving knife, fixed knife, bearing and other components. It is easy to maintain and replace the knife. The unique sealing structure effectively blocks the contact of broken objects and grease, and the treatment of liquid materials can also protect the bearing. And gears.
4. Cutter shaft
Using high-strength heavy-duty special steel processing and refining, more reasonably matched with the tool to provide powerful power for cutting.
5. Rack hopper
It can be customized according to the personalized processing of the customer’s site, and more reasonably integrated into the production line for large-scale production.

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