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Why we need waste shredder

June 22, 2020     Articles

With the accelerating development of economic and social, the process of industrialization and urbanization is also changing rapidly. In this case, the stock and increase value of industrial waste are still very high, which puts great pressure on the ecological environment. A large amount of activated carbon residue, coal residue, industrial gypsum, red mud, fly ash and other industrial wastes not only occupy valuable land resources, but also cause double pressure on the environment and economy.

Industrial waste is another gold mine that is misplaced. It is understood that through the measures of the waste shredder, industrial waste can become an industrial raw material or energy with excellent performance and environmental protection, which can not only reduce land occupation, but also realize the unification of environmental protection, economic benefits and social benefits.

As one of the key links of waste shredder equipment waste “turning waste into treasure”, the importance of waste crushing is increasingly prominent. Benefiting from this, the market demand for industrial waste shredder has surged.

The annual growth rate of industrial solid waste in China has remained above 7%, and the annual output of solid waste has exceeded 3 billion tons. The iron and steel industry is a major producer of industrial solid waste, generating nearly four to five billion tons per year. How to deal with it correctly and realize the combination of harmless treatment and resource disposal is a major problem facing the industrial transformation.

Large-scale waste crushers have promoted the recycling of industrial solid waste in the steel industry and deepened the added value of industrial solid waste recycling products. This is a necessary method to rebuild the steel industry ecosystem and unleash new industry momentum.

After being processed by an industrial waste shredder, the compatibility is better and storage space can be reduced. As the proportion of industrial waste increases, the number of goods transported also increases, thereby saving money and energy. The particle size of waste is uniform, which is convenient for air separation and comprehensive treatment. The waste density is uniform and the combustion performance is greatly improved. After agglomeration, some industrial waste can be used as a burning material

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