Articles Why does environmental protection require industrial crushers?

Why does environmental protection require industrial crushers?

June 27, 2020     Articles

The common method of industrial hazardous waste and chemical barrel treatment of industrial glass shredders is incineration. Most of the incinerators are rotary furnaces. Materials that are large and difficult to burn can be crushed by the crusher and then imported into the incinerator to crush industrial hazards. Waste and chemical barrel crushers are different from ordinary household garbage crushers. The step of harmless treatment of industrial waste and hazardous waste is crushing treatment to reduce volume and promote treatment and combustion.
Industrial crusher equipment has high safety and tightness requirements. Industrial waste crushers and safety protection doors with nitrogen and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems can ensure the safety of hazardous waste crushing processes and can be used to crush hazardous waste and industrial waste. The equipment operates at room temperature without any chemical additives and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
What is industrial waste? It mainly includes five types of food waste, general waste, construction waste, cleaning waste and hazardous waste. Food waste refers to the waste generated by people in the process of buying, selling, storing, processing and eating various foods. This type of garbage is highly corrosive and will quickly decompose and emit a foul odor.
Common wastes include waste paper products, waste plastics, rags and various textiles, waste rubber, broken leather products, waste wood and wood products, broken glass, waste metal products and dust. Construction waste includes soil, stone, concrete blocks, broken bricks, waste wood, waste pipes and electrical waste. This kind of waste is usually handled by the construction unit itself, but a considerable amount of construction waste also enters municipal waste. Clean garbage includes garbage in public garbage bins, garbage in public places, garbage after road destruction, etc.
Hazardous waste includes dry batteries, fluorescent lamps, thermometers and other chemical and biological hazards, flammable and explosive materials, and radioactive waste. This kind of garbage should not be mixed with ordinary garbage

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