Articles Which shredders should be choosed for industrial waste?

Which shredders should be choosed for industrial waste?

June 27, 2020     Articles

Environmental protection shredder manufacturers’ aluminum profile shredders are suitable for crushing car shells, used bicycles, used motorcycles, car cabs, doors, file cabinets, safes, car trunks, car bumpers, water tanks, scrap steel, scrap cars, air conditioners, washing machine steel furniture and various scrap metal. The size of the discharge port can be adjusted according to user requirements. According to the size of the material, customers can choose different types of double shaft shredder.
Aluminum profile shredder can also be called waste aluminum profile shredder. It is specially designed for crushing various aluminum profiles. It is suitable for the refinement of various large-volume, non-fragmentable or non-agglomerated aluminum materials. Uniform output, size control advantages. Mainly used for shredding, crushing, crushing waste aluminum profiles and other aluminum materials. According to the size of the material, the customer can choose a two-axis aluminum crusher or a four-axis aluminum crusher.
Features of aluminum profile crusher:
1. The main body of the aluminum profile shredder is welded with thick steel plates to ensure that the equipment is more durable
2. Power system: The power system is composed of a motor and a reduction gearbox, which is easy to install and low in maintenance cost
3. Bearing: NSK is adopted, which has strong dustproof and sealing effects, and is easy to disassemble and install;
4. The aluminum profile crushing mobile knife is made of alloy steel forging, after hardening and wear-resistant treatment, long service life;
5. Electrical control cabinet electrical components, fully automatic control system, safe and convenient operation.
6. The cutter design is not entangled or blocked, and the crushing efficiency is high.
The industrial waste shredder of the environmental protection shredder manufacturer is composed of a specially designed rotating blade shaft system and blade cutting system. The random rotation of the blades of different lengths enables the edge area and the center area of ​​the coarse garbage shredder to be effectively cut. Industrial waste shredder has the characteristics of high output and low maintenance cost. It is a good helper for urban waste disposal centers, and industrial waste can be quickly decomposed.
Practice has proved that in the field of industrial waste shredder, it is not feasible to crush all materials with one solution. What customers really need for solid waste disposal is equipment and systems designed according to their individual applications. Although there are still innovations and improvements in the field of solid waste crushing equipment, the two-axis crushers, four-axis crushers, coarse shredder and single-shaft shredder, which are mainly shear type industrial waste crushers, are more commonly used. These crushing needs to choose the appropriate power, drive mode, knife type and crushing knife material according to the specific application. Careful understanding of the specific requirements of each project, through design and good technology, can choose a durable crushing system that is truly suitable for specific applications.
The bulky shredder adopts the dual-shaft shredding principle. The dual-shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries and is suitable for shredding thick and difficult-to-break materials, such as: electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging Barrels, pallets, etc. There are many types of materials that can be recycled by industrial waste shredder, and the shredded materials can be directly recycled or further refined according to demand. Industrial waste shredder is suitable for industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronics manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, domestic garbage recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, paper making and other industries. This series of dual-shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise and so on. It adopts PLC control system and can be automatically controlled. It has the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control.

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