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What are the material shredding methods

October 23, 2020     Articles

With the development of science and technology, great progress has been made in the understanding of material crushing. The huge granular materials can be broken by various methods, and even several microns of products can be obtained to meet the requirements of various processes.

In industry, the widely used material crushing method is mechanical crushing, mainly including extrusion, splitting, breaking, grinding and impact crushing.

Under the action of external force, the stress produced by the material reaches the ultimate strength. The material machine is broken and the crushing mechanical force mode is mainly as follows

A ) Extrusion: The material is placed between the two extrusion surfaces, and is broken due to the material pressure reaching the compressive strength

B) Splitting: The material is placed between a plane and a tooth. When the extrusion force is applied, the material will produce tension, which reaches the tensile strength limit, and the material splits along the force direction

C) Breaking: The material is placed between two surfaces with teeth. When the extrusion force is applied, the material will be broken when it reaches the bending strength limit

D) Impact crushing: The material is impacted by high-speed rotation

E) Grinding: The material is placed between two relatively moving working surfaces, and pressure and shear force are applied at the same time. When the shear force generated by the material reaches its shear strength, the material will be broken

In fact, in the process of crushing materials, all kinds of crushers are the result of the comprehensive action of several different crushing methods. Our Two shaft shredder machine use Methods B, C, D


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