Articles The solution of crushing bulky waste

The solution of crushing bulky waste

June 27, 2020     Articles

Household shredder equipment is a type of shredder with a wide range of uses. It is mainly suitable for solid waste such as domestic garbage, bulky garbage, plastics, etc. It is especially suitable for the crushing of domestic garbage, occupying a very high market Share. What are the advantages and characteristics of Jiepu’s environmentally friendly household waste shredder? It is a factor that users are more concerned about when purchasing equipment. The following will briefly explain the advantages and precautions of the household waste crusher.
The domestic garbage shredder is a machine for crushing urban garbage. It is one of the indispensable processes of garbage disposal, and it is also an important part of implementing garbage disposal and recycling.
Application of Domestic Waste shredder in Waste Incineration Power Generation System
Domestic waste used for power generation by incineration generally includes: plastic, wood, paper products, fabrics, etc. Waste-to-energy boilers are divided into fluidized bed boilers and grate boilers. The fluidized bed boilers are suspended and combusted, so the size requirements of the materials are relatively strict. The domestic waste should be pretreated and crushed to achieve the required size.
After the bulky garbage enters and exits the treatment center, it is necessary to accept an “interview”. The individual products are in good condition and can be used. After the repair, they will be sent to the first-line sanitation workers and needy households for free. Most of the bulky garbage with poor quality will enter the production line and be processed by the bulky garbage crusher. First of all, the staff will send the bulky garbage to the heavy chain conveyor, and then enter the bulky garbage crusher. The blade group in the crushing chamber will crush the bulky garbage.
After the crushing process is completed, all the generated fragments will be transported by the conveyor to the iron separator. Here, metals such as iron sheet and iron wire are automatically selected for recycling. At the end of the iron separator conveyor, there is a back-rolling compression car, and scraps such as rags and wood that have been screened out of iron parts will be sent to the car. These broken materials are suitable for incineration, and will be sent to waste incineration power plants as fuel for incineration power generation.
In addition, there is an intelligent monitoring system in the processing center to monitor the status of the crushing processing center and the crushing of large pieces of garbage in the crushing chamber in real time. There is also a dust reduction system. The dust in the process of handling large pieces of garbage will be sucked away by the dust reduction equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the treatment center.

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