Articles The main application of solid waste glass shredder in industry

The main application of solid waste glass shredder in industry

June 27, 2020     Articles

First of all, let’s first understand what is solid waste. The so-called solid waste treatment is the treatment of solid waste. The treatment of solid waste usually refers to the physical, chemical, biological, physicochemical and biochemical methods to convert solid waste into suitable for transportation and storage. , The process of utilization or disposal, the goal of solid waste treatment is to harmless, reduce, and recycle.
Solid waste is one of the “three wastes” that is difficult to dispose of, because it contains quite complex components, and its physical properties (volume, fluidity, uniformity, degree of crushing, moisture, calorific value, etc.) are also ever-changing, to achieve the above ” The goal of “harmlessness, reduction, and recycling” will encounter considerable trouble. The general method of preventing solid waste pollution is to first control its production. For example, gradually reform the urban fuel structure (including civil industry) to control the raw materials of factories Consumption, increase the service life of the product by a fixed amount, and increase the recovery rate of waste products; followed by comprehensive utilization, treating solid waste as a resource and energy, if it is really unusable, it will be compressed and non-toxically processed to become final solid waste, and then For landfilling and sinking, currently the main methods used include compaction, crushing, separation, solidification, incineration, biological treatment, etc.
Solid waste treatment technology in industry
Compaction technology
Compaction is a pretreatment technology that reduces waste volume, reduces transportation costs, and extends landfill life. Compaction is a commonly used pretreatment method for solid waste, such as automobiles, cans, plastic bottles, etc. Generally, compaction treatment is adopted first. Solid waste suitable for compaction and volume reduction is not suitable for compaction treatment. Some wastes that may cause operational problems, such as tar, sludge or liquid materials, are generally not suitable for compaction. deal with.
Solid waste glass shredder technology
In order to reduce the appearance of waste entering incinerators, landfills, composting systems, etc., solid waste must be crushed in advance. The waste after crushing treatment, due to the elimination of large voids, not only has a uniform size, but also a texture Also uniform, compacted during landfill. There are many methods for crushing solid waste, including impact crushing, shear crushing, extrusion crushing, friction crushing, etc. In addition, there are proprietary low temperature crushing and mixed crushing. The solid waste garbage crusher with many applications and effective is the shear type crusher. For landfill garbage and compost garbage, the solid waste glass crusher is more effective.
Steel solid waste treatment technology
As the urban smog has become more and more serious in the past two years, the environmental protection work of the steel industry has gradually been put on the agenda. The solid waste treatment technologies of steel enterprises such as the direct reduction iron technology of the rotary hearth furnace and the reuse of steel slag (Boring) technology, dust sludge recovery cold solid pellet technology, gas energy-saving lime shaft kiln technology are advanced solid waste treatment technologies in the steel industry.

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