Articles The idea and effect of garbage shredder equipment.

The idea and effect of garbage shredder equipment.

June 22, 2020     Articles

Garbage shredder equipment can greatly reduce the workload of manual sorting. When processing urban household waste, the bag-breaking process can be omitted, manual sorting can be reduced, and the waste disposal process can be much shortened so as to save investment. The machine is safe and reliable. It integrates many functions such as automatic bag breaking, automatic sorting of hard objects, shredding, etc. It is a important equipment in the waste pretreatment process, and it is a gap in household waste disposal and sorting equipment.

In the treatment process of household waste, for the convenience of sorting, multiple crushing processes are required, of which the front crushing is performed by a coarse shredder or a twin-shaft shredder, and Fine crushing is accomplished by a single-shaft shredder and high-speed shredder. It is worth noting that the coarse crusher and the dual-shaft shear crusher can crush metal and stones, but the single-shaft shredder and high-speed shredder are only suitable for plastic, paper, rubber, Organic matter, etc.

The waste shredder equipment has been carefully developed using the theories of impact, shearing, mutual impact, and grinding. When the household waste shredder equipment is working, the materials can be fully and effectively finely crushed in the crushing cavity, with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and even and fine crushing. And when using this equipment, the noise is low, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The crusher is suitable for the crushing of solid wastes such as waste plastics, electronic waste, urban waste, household waste, kitchen waste, medical waste, various types of wood, etc., and the crushing output can reach 50T/h. The household waste shredder is very durable and can be used normally in harsh environments. There are many types of household waste shredder, which can be designed according to different demand of customers and different material properties, and can be used well with other equipment.
Shredder is a professional equipment for processing household waste. Various kinds of waste shows in our life very normally. For example, many plastic bags will be used by us in life, and plastic things will not decompose if buried in the soil for hundreds of years. Besides, there are also many glass and plastic products, since all leftovers have been sorted out for recycling already. Household waste has no use value and is waiting for process by a shredder. The household waste shredder plays an important role in improving the living environment of human beings.

The blade of the shredder is made of hard alloy steel, which has high wear resistance and high strength; It adopts SKF brand bearings, which can bear greater impact; the frame structure is strong, and the main frame is constructed of rectangular tubes, which has greater strength , High stability; The equipment is equipped with overload protection function, which can prevent the machine damage caused by overload; The crushing chamber is made of high-strength steel plate welded, and after heat treatment, the service life is longer and the strength is greater.

Garbage not only occupies land resources, it will also cause great pollution to the environment, and even cause great potential safety hazards. The effect of the household waste shredder on the treatment of municipal solid waste is very good, especially the application of new technology in the multi-function waste shredder greatly improves the work efficiency and production capacity of the equipment, thereby making the comprehensive treatment of urban household waste processing power can be developed.

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