Medical Waste Shredder Medical waste Shredder
Medical waste Shredder
  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste Shredder

    Application range:
    • Small medical devices
    • Clinical waste
    • Pharmaceutical waste
    • Infectious waste
    • Various plastic waste
    • Latex material waste
    • Syringe waste
    • protective suit
    • Mask

    • Description

    About medical waste

    At present, the main treatment methods of medical waste are: high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization and high temperature incineration, followed by pyrolysis treatment, chemical disinfection, microwave disinfection and plasma method etc.
    Our medical waste shredder has been successfully used in medical waste treatment system, such as medical waste high temperature steam sterilization pre-shredding, medical waste shredding after high temperature steam sterilization, high temperature incineration pre-shredding, medical waste chemical disinfection, medical waste microwave disinfection pre-shredding.
    Our engineers and sales staff go to medical waste sites around the world to learn about the key issues of medical waste disposal with the staff at the medical waste disposal site and listen to their valuable opinions on the use of medical waste shredders.Our Medical Waste shredders adopts high-strength alloy cutting tools imported from Europe. The hardness of the cutting tool material is HRC≥53 degrees, and it has excellent impact resistance to ensure the long-term stable operation of the shredder.
    After practical improvement, our shredders successfully solved the problem of discharge blockage, low crushing efficiency and disuniform discharge size. The combined use of the bucket elevator and shredder can effectively avoid the leakage of medical waste liquid in the process of entering the shredder and reduce the harm of waste liquid to people and the environment.
    case application
    1. Medical waste high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization crushing scheme
    High temperature steam sterilization boiler:Medical waste packing—Bucket hoist loading—The first level of crushing (pre-crushing)—
    High temperature cooking—The second level of crushing—The discharge size is within 5CM
    2. Medical waste high temperature incineration crushing scheme
    Medical waste packing—Bucket hoist loading—The first level of crushing —The discharge size is within 15CM—High temperature incineration
    3.Medical waste Dry chemical disinfection crushing scheme
    Disinfecting powder spiral conveyor—The first-level materials and disinfection powder are mixed and broken—The second-level materials and disinfectant powder are mixed and broken—Discharge size within 5CM—Disinfect and Seal Stainless steel collection box for 30 minutes

    Because of the possibility of infectious matter and toxic chemicals, medical waste requires sterilization and special treatment compared to standard waste. XRD offers medical waste crushing equipment capable of satisfying your medical waste processing needs.

    We have a small expired drugs crusher that delivers a crushed particle size that can be determined on the screen unit. The consistent and uniform discharge particle size≤40mm, while the output reaches 300-3000kg/h.

    The large expired medical waste shredder is designed for handling medical trash cans, packed injectors, etc. The shredded particle size is adjustable and the consistent and uniform discharge particle size≤40mm, while the output reaches 1000-3000kg/h.

    Double Shaft Shredder-HRD Series
    Model XRD30 XRD40 XRD50M XRD50L XRD60
    Power(KW) 4.0+4.0 7.5+7.5 15+15 22+22 30+30
    7.5+7.5 11+11 22+22 30+30 37+37
    Cutting chamber dimensions 300*300 400*400 520*500 520*800 620*1080
    Blade Diameter (mm) 170 214 280 280 350
    Blade Thickness (mm) 10/20/30 10/20/30 10/20/30 10/20/30 20/30/40
    Cutter shaft speed (rpm) 18/20 18/20 18/20 10–20 10–20
    Feed Inlet Size (mm) 1750*1500 1750*1500 1750*1500 1280*1100 1510*1100
    Weight(kg) 980 2100 3900 4800 5500


    Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
    A: We are factory.
    Q2: Can I visit your factory?
    A: Yes. Many domestic and international customers visit our factory every year.
    Q3: Do you provide free design solution?
    A: Yes, the free design solution will be available from us.
    Q4. How is the quality of your product?
    A: Our products are produced strictly under national and international standards, enjoy CE, ISO certificates, etc. We carry out strict supervision during productionand so as to get high qualified products. All products will be inspected before shipment.
    Q5. What is the price of this product?
    A:We offer a lower price than the market, and will quote any customer as soon as possible. Some discounts can be applied based on quantity
    Q6. What is the minimum order quantity?
    A:One set.
    Q7. Is it customized?
    A:The customized service is available from us according to customer’s requirements.
    Q8. What is the voltage?
    A:Standard 380V 50HZ three-phase or other voltage according to customer’s requirements
    Q9. What is your payment method?
    A:30% before production, 70% before shipping by bank transfer. For large amount, we accept L/C .
    Q10: How long is your delivery time?
    A: Generally 5-10 days for the stock products. 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
    Q11. How long warranty can you provide?
    A:Our machine warranty is one year, and all the components we used are stable with long working life. In addition, our technician will providethe after-sale service in client’s factory. All of our engineers have passports.

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