Articles It is important to solve the problem of garbage pollution

It is important to solve the problem of garbage pollution

June 27, 2020     Articles

Public hazards caused by urban waste have become the main problems that need to be solved in large and medium-sized cities in China. In order to improve the collection, transportation and absorption capacity of urban domestic garbage, and do a comprehensive treatment to solve the problem of garbage pollution, garbage crushers are indispensable in garbage disposal projects.
In order to realize the industrialization, recycling and reduction of pollution and harmlessness of urban domestic garbage in China, it is necessary to face domestic garbage with low content of recyclable substances, high calorific value, high moisture content of garbage, and low content of biodegradable organic matter. Various technologies are also used to solve these problems, including recycling. The garbage crusher equipment solves this problem well
Garbage crusher equipment can make garbage crushed and refined. It has to be said that the appearance of garbage crusher is very beneficial to the treatment of garbage waste. The garbage crusher equipment improves work efficiency through some tips during the work process, and is faster and safer. How to improve the working efficiency of garbage crusher equipment?
1. Before the waste crusher equipment starts preheating idling, many people will ignore this small detail, but in fact, the garbage crusher can greatly improve its working state and service life before it works by idling preheating.
Second, choose the same materials as much as possible, so that the garbage crusher works well, the product is more uniform, and it also plays a role in protecting the garbage crusher.
Third, do a good job of lubricating the garbage crusher. This is not only to increase the output and production capacity, but also to extend the service life of the garbage crusher equipment.
4. After the work of the garbage crusher is completed, the materials must be completely discharged before the machine is turned off

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