Articles Is the broken tooth disk of the garbage glass crusher the main part of the tooth roller crusher?

Is the broken tooth disk of the garbage glass crusher the main part of the tooth roller crusher?

June 27, 2020     Articles

The single-shaft garbage crusher has the following characteristics: low speed, low noise, low dust, sturdy and durable structure, impact-resistant buffer wear-resistant heat-treated alloy steel knife, high power, high efficiency and wide material adaptability, running low-cost sensor automatic detection Material accumulation is blocked, such as blockage, the shaft stops cutting, moves in the reverse direction to remove the blocked material, and the discharge method is customized, because the sensor detects that the impact force of the rotor contact exceeds the pressure of the broken material in the general rigid object, the sensor will The sensor sends a stop signal. The main unit lights up in red.
Discharging particle size adjustment: Wedges or washers are used between the adjustment devices of the waste glass crusher to adjust the bolts. When the adjustment bolts pull the wedge upwards, the wedges are wedged at the top of the device. The wedge rolls from the fixed wheel to the top, ie The gap between the two rollers increases and the discharge granularity increases. When the wedge is downward, the gap between the two rollers under the action of the compression spring is smaller and the discharge size is smaller. The shim device adjusts the discharge particle size by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of the shim. When the shim increases, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger, and when the shim decreases, the gap between the two rollers changes. Small, small discharge granularity.
The adjacent crushing teeth of the garbage crusher connected by the single-shaft crusher need to be alternately arranged at 36° in the same radial direction of the main shaft, so that the double rollers form an “eight” shape layout. In this way, when the crushing cone and crown crushing teeth on one roller pass between the adjacent crushing cone and the crown crushing teeth on the other roller, large particles can be blocked and crushed.
The correct installation of the garbage glass crusher is to ensure the safety performance of the crusher products and increase the stability of the crusher. The correct operation steps of the crusher are to ensure the safety of the operator and increase the service life of the crusher.
The general composition of the garbage glass shredder is the transmission device, rollers, base, lubrication, hydraulic system, etc. The steps of the installation of the shredder are more complicated and require the guidance of professionals. When installing, you must understand the basic crusher installation plan. The steps are to review the equipment foundation and place the base line.

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