Articles Industrial waste glass shredder market demand soars

Industrial waste glass shredder market demand soars

June 27, 2020     Articles

As one of the key links of industrial waste “turning waste into treasure”, the importance of waste shredding is becoming more and more prominent, and shredding has also become an important way for industrial waste to be harmless, resource-based, and reduced. Benefiting from this, the market demand for industrial waste glass shredders has skyrocketed.
In the field of industrial waste glass shredders in the blue ocean, only forward-looking, innovative and diverse waste glass shredder companies can truly gain a foothold and enjoy the dividends of industrial development.
The country vigorously compresses excess capacity and promotes enterprise innovation and transformation, which has alleviated the sharp increase in industrial waste output and increased the comprehensive utilization and disposal of industrial waste. However, overall, there is still a long way to go in the treatment of industrial waste.
The garbage glass shredder can accommodate more small and medium-sized wastes; equipped with overload protection function to prevent machine damage caused by overload; the blade is made of hard alloy steel, with high wear resistance and high strength; the frame structure is strong , The main frame is constructed with a rectangular tube, with greater strength and high stability; SKF brand bearings can be used to carry greater impact; the garbage glass shredder is riveted from high-strength steel plates, which is easy to disassemble and has a longer service life Wait.
The editor recommends that the construction of industrial waste centralized treatment facilities, strongly support the industrialization of industrial waste treatment market, attract more social funds, encourage individuals and units to build industrial waste centralized treatment facilities, according to “who produces who pays” Principle, establish an effective operating mechanism to ensure effective resolution of industrial waste disposal problems.
The waste glass shredder consists of a specially designed rotating blade shaft system and blade cutting system. The random rotation of the blades of different lengths makes it possible to effectively cut the edge area and the center area of ​​the rough waste glass shredder. It has the characteristics of high output and low maintenance cost. It is a good helper of urban garbage disposal center, it can quickly break garbage

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