Articles How to use solid waste crusher to determine the crushing method?

How to use solid waste crusher to determine the crushing method?

June 27, 2020     Articles

With the rapid development of cities, the generation and discharge of construction waste are also increasing at a rapid rate. How to solve the problem of construction waste disposal and better promote its comprehensive utilization has become an important practical problem faced by government departments and construction waste disposal units at all levels. Therefore, construction waste disposal equipment came into being.
The tire-type mobile crushing station is a new product that is convenient for crushing construction waste according to the domestic market. Various crushing stations have multiple configurations, users can also choose their own configuration according to their needs, according to different crushing process requirements can be composed of “first crushing and then sieve”, can also form a “sieve first and then crushing” process, crushing and sieving also Can be used alone. The crushing station can be combined into two stages of coarse and fine crushing and screening systems according to actual needs, or it can be combined into three stages of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening systems, and can also be operated independently, which has great flexibility
The two crushing stations can be tailored according to the needs of users. The treated construction waste is well used. Among them, bricks, stones, concrete and other wastes can be replaced by sand after being crushed. It is used for masonry mortar and plastering mortar. It can also be used to make building materials such as blocks, paving bricks, checkered bricks, etc. It is very consistent with the concept of recycling and green environmental protection advocated by today’s society.
The crushing method of solid crusher can be divided into dry, wet and semi-wet crushing. Among them, wet crushing and semi-wet crushing are the processes of grading and sorting while crushing. Dry crushing is commonly known as crushing, and can be divided into mechanical energy crushing and non-mechanical energy crushing.
At present, mechanical energy is widely used for crushing. It is crushed by solid crushers such as tooth plates of crushers, hammers, steel balls of ball mills and other solid crushers. The crushing action can be divided into extrusion, friction, shear, impact, splitting, bending, etc. The first three are the basic forces commonly used by crushers.
When choosing a crushing method for a solid crusher, it depends on the mechanical strength of the solid crusher, especially the hardness of the waste. For brittle and hard wastes, it is suitable to use crushing, impact, squeezing and crushing; for flexible wastes such as scrap cars, waste equipment and waste plastics, it is difficult to crush at room temperature with a traditional crusher, but the pressure can only cause it to produce larger Plastic deformation without breaking, at this time, it is appropriate to use its low temperature to become brittle to effectively crush, or use shear and impact crushing; and when the volume of waste is large and cannot be directly fed into the crusher, first need The cutting knife can be loaded into the size of the crusher feed port, and then sent to the crusher for crushing. For municipal waste that contains a lot of waste paper. In recent years, semi-wet and wet crushing have been adopted abroad

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