Articles How to choose two shaft shredder: Part3

How to choose two shaft shredder: Part3

April 18, 2022     Articles

Now the economy of every country is developing rapidly, the urban population is becoming more and more, and the amount of urban garbage(urban waste) is also increasing. How to deal with waste is a problem that every country and every city has to solve. The first step in disposing of garbage is to use a shredder amchine . So how to choose a sturdy and durable shredder machine becomes very important.
Today we will introduce the important part of two shaft shredder – the blades,the thickness of each blade used by XRD Company shall be measured to ensure that the thickness error is within 0.01mm.


Why is the thickness of the blade so precise, it is because

1) If the thickness of the blade is the same, the force of each blade on the spindle will be the same

2) It can protect the blade well and prolong the service life of the blade.

3) If the thickness of the blade is inconsistent, the blade will be easily broken due to inconsistent force during the crushing process.

4) The thickness of the blade is the same, and the size of the material after crushing will be uniform.

XRD Shredder Machine Co., Ltd strictly controls every detail of production, just to provide customers with high-quality crushers.please believe us

In the next article, we will talk about many stories of my clients

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