Articles How to choose two shaft shredder: Part1

How to choose two shaft shredder: Part1

October 29, 2020     Articles

Shredder plays a very important role in our life. The first role is to reduce the volume and easy transportation. For example, we can shredder large articles of daily necessities and garbage. The mattress before shredding weight is 25kg, volume is 1.5cubic metre,after shredding the weight is same , but the volume is only 0.5cubic metre. The second function is to prepare for the next waste treatment process, such as breaking fruit and vegetable waste After being crushed and dehydrated, it can be used as fertilizer, wood waste can be broken into fuel, etc.

At now market,the two shaft shreeder very popular,so how to choose two shaft shredder?

There are many common shredders on the market, and different manufacturers have different design habits. Now we will compare the two common appearance shredderdouble shaft shredder

Main differences

1)  Belt connect the motor and the gearbox,energy output loss 30%,XRD shredder motor connected directly withgearbox no need belt,energy output loss is only 10%.

2)  Belt shredder installed the motor on the base, shredding material only two directions output,XRD shredder bottom is empty and the space is huge. The four directions at the bottom can be used for the output of crushed materials.

3)  The third point is the most important,when the belt shredder working, there are the possibility that the belt will break or the broken material will eject to the belt, which is very dangerous and not allowed.

So you know how to choose a shredder?

In the next article, we will talk about several common shredder.

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