Articles Garbage crusher achieves low carbon environmental protection

Garbage crusher achieves low carbon environmental protection

June 27, 2020     Articles

Construction waste is mainly the construction and demolition of related buildings, structures, pipe networks, etc. by construction units or individuals. Waste rock, muck, waste rock and other waste generated during various operations. During construction, more and more construction waste is generated from housing construction. Most construction waste is directly piled up in the open air or buried on site, occupies a lot of land resources, and generates dust and other problems, causing serious pollution to the environment.
For a long time, various forms of plastic products have been widely used in residents’ lives. In recent years, with the development of new businesses such as e-commerce transactions, express delivery, and delivery, the consumption of plastic bags and plastic packaging has risen sharply, putting pressure on the new resource environment. Discarding plastic waste at will will lead to “white pollution” and there are environmental risks to the disposal of plastic waste. So how much do you know about the basics of plastics?
Plastic is a high-molecular organic compound, a general term for thermoplastic materials such as filling, plasticizing, coloring, etc., and belongs to a high-molecular organic polymer family.
“Green, low-carbon, environmental protection” has become a hot topic today. Humans cause all kinds of garbage in life and production. For example, many plastic bags are used in life. Plastic bags buried in the soil will not decompose for hundreds of years, and there are many glass, plastic products, metal cans and so on. How to recycle and reuse garbage and turn waste into treasure? In recent years, many cities and regions across the country have carried out the practice and exploration of waste classification and treatment, and achieved good results.
As the country advocates the establishment of a conservation-minded society and the implementation of new environmental protection laws, how to use recyclable waste and resources efficiently and environmentally has become a problem faced by many manufacturers. Some manufacturers rely on buying expensive or high-power and low-efficiency products. The investment cost of recycling equipment is too high, and some plastic products are directly burned, which affects the environment and is not conducive to sustainable economic development. Garbage crusher equipment can effectively crush various waste materials in an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly way, which greatly reduces the recycling cost.

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