Articles Before preparing to start the garbage glass shredder, check the machine for any hidden dangers

Before preparing to start the garbage glass shredder, check the machine for any hidden dangers

June 27, 2020     Articles

Before we are ready to use and start up, we must first check whether the components inside the fuselage are firmly installed, whether there is looseness, and whether there are oil stains on the belt and the pulley, we should clean them with a clean rag in time, and do not leave stains and dust. If there is any residual material left in the inlet and outlet, it should be processed in time to ensure that the outlet and inlet are clean and tidy. At the same time, it also depends on whether there are other debris in the crushing cavity of the device, and it should be cleaned up in time. For the specially designed metal waste glass shredder crusher cavity is equipped with a liner, while selecting the rotary cutter, the metal material will grind off some paint on the liner, we also need to ensure that there is a little impurities and paint house No. Only in the early stage we have done these cleaning work, in order to ensure that the equipment will not appear in the use of card materials and other situations that should not occur, so as not to affect your production and use, but also allow the use of the metal garbage glass shredder Longer life and more convenience for you.
This can not only ensure the lubrication effect of our machinery, but also give full play to the performance of the machine,
1. The working environment of the single-axis garbage glass shredder is accompanied by impurities such as coal dust, rock dust and moisture, and the lubricant oil is inevitably contaminated by these impurities. Therefore, the purchased lubricating oil should have anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, and the performance of the lubricating oil must not be changed due to pollution, so as to ensure the normal operation of the single-axis garbage glass shredder.
Garbage crusher
2. Some single-shaft garbage glass shredders are operated in an open air environment, and the temperature often undergoes large changes. Therefore, it is required that the viscosity of the lubricating oil changes with temperature to be small, otherwise it will not play the role of lubrication. In addition, it is necessary to avoid that the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high when the temperature is low, so that starting and running are difficult.
3. During the daily use of the single-axis garbage glass shredder, various failures or improper operation often occur, which may burn the motor and even cause a fire. Therefore, it is best for users to use lubricating oil with better flame resistance, so that the safety factor when using a single-axis garbage glass shredder will be higher.
4. Lubricating oil should have better thermal stability and oxidation resistance. The structure of the waste glass shredder makes the volume of the oil tank smaller, so the amount of lubricating oil installed is also smaller. The oil temperature of the waste glass shredder is in operation. Relatively high, the lubricant needs to have better thermal stability.
5. The adaptability of the lubricant to the seal is required to avoid damage to the sealchian xrd shredder crusher maintenance

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