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Animal Carcass Shredder
  • animal shredder
  • Animal Carcass Shredder

    Application :

    • harmless treatment of dead animals, pigs and cattle

    • Description

    Crushing about sick and dead animals

    Animal carcasses are a special kind of production and domestic waste,which can spread diseases, endanger food safety, endanger the ecological environment and impact economic order and can trigger unexpected emergencies. Therefore, livestock and poultry that have died of disease or whose cause of death is unknown must be harmlessly treated in accordance with the relevant regulations and cannot be disposed of at will.
    The methods for harmless treatment of sick and dead animals include: deep burying method, incineration method, carbonization method, fermentation method and chemical preparation method. At present, the main methods for effectively eliminating sick and dead animals and making full use of them are fermentation and chemical methods. Because of different volume of sick and dead animals, it is not easy to the same treatment, but also affects the processing efficiency of related processing equipment. We specializes in providing animal carcass shredders, which can process different animal carcass sizes according to the needs of the processing technology. The after shredding size can be controlled according to the customers’ needs.

    Dead animals shredding

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