Articles A research report on the waste glass shredder

A research report on the waste glass shredder

June 27, 2020     Articles

With the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process, a large amount of increased garbage affects the quality of the social environment and hinders the development of the city. The harmlessness, reduction and recycling of garbage disposal is an important part of urban management. Garbage crushing pretreatment technology plays an important role in subsequent sorting, incineration and landfill. The composition of modern urban domestic garbage is complex, the physical properties of each component are very different, and it has the characteristics of high content of tough materials, which puts forward higher requirements for urban domestic garbage crusher. The author analyzes the technical characteristics of domestic domestic garbage crushers commonly used at home and abroad, expounds the development trend of urban domestic garbage crusher technology, and proposes a new type of urban domestic garbage crusher structure, with a view to the urban domestic garbage crusher The research provides a certain reference.
At present, the widely used mechanical crushing equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, shear crusher and roller crusher.
Municipal solid waste has the characteristics of complex components and high content of tough fiber materials, which puts forward higher requirements for the research of waste crusher. Not only is it required to be able to crush materials of different components, but also to meet industry or national standards in terms of operating power consumption and noise; in addition, the crusher materials should also meet the requirements of anti-corrosion and anti-wear
The main components of domestic garbage in the country are masonry, kitchen waste biomass, plastic rubber, glass and metal. Materials such as masonry, glass and metal that are easy to be screened will be screened out before crushing. The garbage crusher mainly crushes materials such as kitchen waste biomass, fabrics, plastics and rubber. The physical properties of such materials vary widely, but the crushing effect of the same crushing tool is different. In response to this feature, some domestic scholars use the concept of separation and crushing on the one hand, and use different cutters to crush materials of different hardness in stages, such as a double crushing stage crusher; on the other hand, the garbage of different rigidities are compressed by pre-compression Tight, forming a garbage dump with relatively stable rigidity, and then crushed. The method of garbage compression shear breaking proposed by Luo Siyi et al

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